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About the Industry

Trucking might not be sexy, but it is what makes us move - pretty much everything we see around us has been on a truck and/or through a warehouse at some point in its life. When trucks stop, economies collapse. Manufacturing, e-commerce, textiles, timber, agriculture - irrespective of geography, culture or size, trucking is the backbone of any industry or economy.

There are 7 million trucks on Indian roads, clocking over 14 billion KMs and 560 million tons on average every month. However, this ~USD 250 billion behemoth is stuck in the ‘80s, lacking transparent pricing, plagued with asymmetric information, and weighed down with demand supply mismatches. “In the mango season, the supply of trucks goes haywire”; “Turnaround times in Bangalore are too high!” “Kerala is a difficult market to operate in, because of loading/unloading issues!” “In the Paper/Paperboards industry, distributors call the shots, while demand is raised by the manufacturers!” You hear a lot of woes and ‘facts’ about the industry, but no one really knows what is going on - in real, hard numbers - until now.

About iDelivery

iDelivery (incubated out of the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, winner of the Yale IoT Prize, and the the Cambridge IoT Venture Creation Competition) was created from the simple idea that information should be freely available, and continuously analysed; because the better an environment is understood, the more efficient it can be. With this philosophy, iDelivery aims to revolutionise the logistics industry - bringing in accountability, quality and reliability of services, while organising truck owners and training drivers, allowing them run their operations at optimal levels and earn more. With its proprietary technology, a team with a proven track record, world-class advisors and supporters, and above all, a commitment to leaving no stone unturned to optimise this industry through technology, iDelivery is all set to help some of India’s biggest companies optimise their logistics operations through data and analytics

We will change Indian roads, and the perception of the quintessential Indian truck. And it’s our people — bright, passionate, independent thinkers — who will make make this possible.

We are constantly on the lookout for rockstars with the passion, and commitment to change the world. If you think hard problems excite you, and solving them gives you a high, write to us - we are all for cold calling and chance encounters!

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